Frequently Asked Questions
How do I call for Help?
Once you have placed your order you will receive a voucher that you must print and keep in the car with you at all times. The voucher includes full details of how to call for assistance.

If you need enhanced roadside assistance for items covered by our product then you must call 1 866 372 2619 and provide your order number and cover start date. You will also need to provide the rental agreement number from the paperwork received when you collect your car. Follow the instructions and be prepared to explain your location as accurately as possible. Depending on your location, when you call the above number you may be given a different number to call, so we recommend keeping a pen handy.
Do I have to pay anything if I call for Enhanced Roadside Assistance, and are there limits?
If you need to call for Enhanced Roadside Assistance for issues covered by our product then you may be asked to pay for the call-out directly. This is then refunded to you by us. In most cases, if you are asked to pay directly then the payment is collected by the car rental company at the end of your rental and charged to the card you supplied as security deposit when you collected the car.
Is there a limit to the amount I can claim back if we make a call-out, or to the number of call-outs I can make?
You can make up to 2 call-outs with a combined total of $500 refunded. It would be very unlikely for a call out to cost over $500. You can make more than 2 call-outs so you still have the peace of mind that you will not be stranded, but we will not reimburse costs for the additional call-outs.
What are your business hours?
Our admin offices are open Monday to Friday and all emails will be answered promptly by an experienced member of our support team.
Over the weekend period, only urgent emails will be replied to. For enhanced roadside assistance, this is available 24 hours a day.
Where are the Enhanced Roadside Assistance offices located?
Our offices are located in Kissimmee, Florida.
What are your contact details?
If you need to ask a question not included in our FAQ, then a member of our support team can assist you at
You will receive an answer to your query promptly during usual business hours. Urgent emails will be replied to during weekend hours.
What it the price for the Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan?
The price per day is US$ 2.50 for the total period of the car rental agreement.
What method of payment is accepted?
We accept payment by: Visa, MasterCard or American Express
Is there a credit card surcharge fee for the payment of the Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan?
There is no surcharge for any credit card payments
When is payment taken?
Full payment will be taken at the time you place your order
What if my payment is declined?
In the event that your payment is declined, you will be notified by email. Once you have provided updated card details, your payment will be taken and your booking will be processed.
How soon can I make a booking?
You can order any time you like up to he day before your rental commences. Your order does not need to be placed at the same time as your car rental order.
Who is eligible to purchase Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan?
All legal and authorized drivers named under the car rental agreement can apply and make a claim under the provision of the Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan.
You are eligible if your car rental is with the following companies (regardless of which agent you used to place your order)
Dollar / Thrifty
Is there an age restriction to purchase Enhanced Roadside Assistance?
All legal and authorized drivers registered to drive the rental vehicle may apply, regardless of age.
How place an order?
You can get a quote and place your order at:
You can order online 365 days a year.
How soon will my order be confirmed?
After entering your dates, personal details and payment information, your order will be placed and confirmed immediately.
Can I amend my order?

Your order can be amended up to 2 days prior to the commencement date of the Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan. Just email us at with your order number and new details.

Can we cancel the booking?
Provided we are notified by email 48 business hours prior to the commencement of the car rental agreement, then we will refund payment, less a 5% cancellation fee. The payment will be refunded back to the same card used to make the payment.
What does Enhanced Roadside Assistance Include?
  • Lost Keys - Keys will be replaced, or a locksmith will be sent if they are stolen, lost, or damaged, including replacement locks
  • Lock Out Service - If you inadvertently lock yourself out of the rental vehicle, a locksmith will attend to help you gain entry
  • Flat Tire - If your spare tire is inflated & serviceable, this will be installed to replace the flat tire, when possible. If the spare tire is not available or cannot be installed, towing will be provided.
  • Fuel Delivery - Fuel will be delivered to enable you to reach the nearest gas station
  • Mis-fueling - This includes the cost to flush the engine, with an excess of $50.00, but excludes losses arising from mechanical repairs as a result of mis-fueling.
  • Accident Towing - Towing charges are covered in the event of an accident
  • Jump Start - If your battery is dead, it will be jump started where possible, replaced, or the vehicle will be towed if necessary
  • Glass Replacement - If any of the glass is broken (including from windscreen) then this will be replaced.
Depending on the issue, if your car is safe and drivable, and you are within close prximity to a rental office, you may be requested to go to that office to swap the car.
Is there a mileage limit?
No, mileage is unlimited.
What Is the Maximum Claim?
A maximum of 2 items per rental can be claimed but must not exceed $500.00 in total (to include all taxes and charges) and including an excess $50 for mis-fuelling. We do not cover loss of time, or anything other than the items included. This is not an insurance policy, it is an Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan to provide reimbursement for out of pocket expenses not covered by the Roadside Assistance offered by the car rental companies listed above.
Are all US States included in the Enhanced Roadside Assistance Program?
All States are covered with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska
Can the Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan be purchased for a partial period of car rental?
The Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan must be purchased for the full period of the car rental.
Are there any Exclusions?
Mechanical breakdown (this should be covered by the standard package included in your car rental package  - check with your supplier to confirm)
Losses caused by a driver who is not authorized to drive the rental vehicle.
We cannot reimburse any claims resulting from off road driving, driving under the influence of drink or drugs, acts of God, and driving whilst breaking any of the conditions of your car rental agreement.
Vehicles with a value of more than $80,000.
You will be reimbursed and covered under the terms and conditions of the car rental company.
How do I make a claim?
In the event of a claim, you must submit a copy of your car rental agreement.
Claims must be made in writing or email within 28 days from the return date of the car rental as noted on your car rental agreement.
Receipts from roadside assistance or car rental company itemizing claim and total amount.
Please read FAQ's in conjunction to the Terms and Conditions.



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