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Enhanced Roadside Assistance for Your Rental Car

Enjoy additional peace of mind on your vacation car rental with an Enhanced Roadside Assistance Plan. For only $2.50 per day you can have protection against the items that are not covered under the standard 24 hour roadside assistance offered by most car rental companies..

Did you know that standard roadside assistance provided by your car rental company does not usually include: Lost keys, keys locked in car, towing after an accident, window/windscreen repair or replacement, flat tires/punctures, flat battery, fuel delivery if you run out of fuel, mis-fueling the car.

Involved in an accident? No worries - The Enhanced Roadside Assistance plan will provide towing.
Flat Tire
A flat tire, no need to panic, your spare tire will be installed if inflated and serviceable. If flat tire not available or cannot be installed - Towing will be provided.
Fuel Delivery
Out of gas? No problem, Enough fuel will be delivered to enable you to reach the nearest gas service to fill up - So no need to be stranded.
Key Replacement
Lost keys? Replacement keys will be provided or a locksmith will attend to gain entry. No matter if the keys are lost or broken- The Roadside Assistance Plan will help you out.
Key Replacement
Jump Start
Battery dead? A jump start will be attempted, if the vehicle cannot be boosted, battery will be replaced - Or towing will be provided.
Lockout Service
Locked out? If you inadvertently lock yourself out of your rental vehicle - A locksmith will be sent to help you gain entry.
Window/Windscreen Replacement
Window / windscreen damaged?
A replacement windscreen will be installed or the windscreen will be repaired.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

for total peace of mind

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